May 5

How to Time Your Move When RELOCATING To or From Miami – Dade County, FL?

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How to Time Your Move When RELOCATING TO or OUT of Brickell MIAMI, South Florida area?

Your job is moving you across the country and your first day is in a month. 

The great news is you are getting a new job and a new place to explore! 

The part that can be overwhelming is that you have an established home where you are now. How do you get the house ready, marketed, and closed, and find a new home in your new city and time the 2 closings,

so you can move from one house to the other? 

The first call you should make is to a Realtor, so they can advise you on the things to do to get your house ready ASAP. 

They can refer you to handymen, cleaning people, and other professionals to help get your home market-ready. 

Since I am a part of a Global RE Brokerage that has a network of over 80,000 ( of the time of this post) RE Professionals not just all across the country but globally, I can even refer my clients to a fabulous agent in their new area. 

Before you get a contract, you should be talking with an agent in your new location and start looking at some houses online so you can get familiar with the market. If you need the funds from the sale of this home to buy the next one, know that it could take 30-45 days from when the contract is signed before you officially close escrow. 

If you can comfortably tackle two payments financially you can go ahead and buy the new place and move even if the old house hasn’t sold. BUT, if you do need the cash there are ways to work around the timing issues. 

Seller’s leaseback, Buyer’s lease before closing, extending a closing date, and finding a short-term rental are a few of your options. 

There are lots of ins and outs and anything can happen when you are buying and selling real estate. 

An experienced RE Professional can help you navigate the whole process with ease. 

Reach out to me and I’ll be happy to give you all the resources you need to make your relocation as seamless as possible, just give me a call! 

Relocating Out of Brickell Miami?

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