MY manifesto


I am a Community Market Leader.

I am not just a RE agent.

I am an UNSTOPPABLE visionary!

I am REVOLUTIONIZING the practice of the RE profession and CONTRADICTING the old school teaching method and approach.

I am a LIFELONG learner.

I SERVE, I do not just sell! 

I strive for excellence for myself and my clients.

I am changing the way Real Estate is being done and how Real Estate Agents are looked at.

I don’t rely on traditional measures of getting clients and generating leads.

I focus on the FUTURE.

I continue to push because I know that nothing happens overnight.

I appreciate being overwhelmed because it means that I am GROWING.

I PUSH and give my ALL. I will NEVER GIVE UP!


I'm a gentle, forgiving, authentic woman courageously committed to accept myself and others now.

I pursue what’s value-driven and align my actions w/ my vision, and find joy in the journey through playing a bigger game that rewards small wins.

I keep things simple.

I have nothing to prove, hide, defend or protect.

I allow people to be wrong about me.

I am a sovereign leader of myself. 

I keep my word, stay committed, not attached, and know that change equals growth.

I’m a unique blend of warrior & wisdom.

I’m a steward of the clean ‘Yes' and clean “No”.

I’m generous and a model for those who come after me, to leave legacy now not somewhere in the far off future.

I have an ABUNDANT mindset!

I know that I am the ONLY ONE responsible for CREATING the life that I DESERVE, and I AM!

This is Me! Yes! Let’s Go!

Trusted by:

Courtney Perkins

Copy Editor at CNN

Violet has helped us through the property-buying process multiple times in recent years. She found the perfect home for us and we're loving our new neighborhood. She is efficient, works tirelessly for her clients, and is very mindful of people's time.

We had a great experience with Violeta. From helping us to determine price, staging our home to getting constant feedback. She was with us every step of the process. With her careful positioning & marketing strategy, we've received multiple offers and we were under contract in 5 days being on the market. She is an outstanding professional with great work ethics and lots of experience.

Mariya Yankova

Assistant Director of Finance at Four Seasons

John Grim

Director at NAI Brannen Goddard

I have always known Violeta to be professional and hard working, who would always go out of her way to put her clients first. I would certainly recommend her to anyone with real estate needs.

Violeta helped us buy a house and promptly sold it 7 years later. She was fast and efficient, negotiated amazing deals for us above our expectations. We know several families who had her as a property consultant in the past and everyone was very happy with her services. If you need to buy, sell or invest in real estate, just call her. She will take care of the rest. You will not regret this call.

Mincho Petkov