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Congratulations For Joining And Welcome To The Virtual Seller Seminar!

If you're either thinking about selling or already made the decision to sell your house, but you still have questions or concerns regarding the process, price or anything else - let me tell you:

You're in the right place.

This free seller seminar is giving you the exact step by step blueprint on everything you need so you can get clarity on everything A-Z and guide to you make the best decision in selling your home for top dollar.

You will learn about timelines and timing, marketing your home, pricing your home, negotiations, and so much more.

Take a look around and let us know how we can help you.

Learn How To Sell Your Home Fast, For Top Dollar

Enjoy the latest & most up-to-date marketing & sales tactics to sell your home fast, for top dollar.

The Pre-Market Quiz

"Will your home pass the test before going to market?!"

  • Learn how to sell your home for top dollar right now
  • You may need to make a few changes before selling

Pre-Market Timelines

"Let's talk about the timelines before listing a home with us."

  • What you should expect when getting your home ready to sell
  • How to maximize the return on your investment


"How quickly will my home sell? This is a common question we get."

  • Learn about the market climate and absorption rates
  • The market climate will determine how quickly your home will sell

Marketing Your Home

"The importance of marketing your home properly."

  • Digital marketing exposes your property to the masses
  • Negotiation will be key in selling you home
  • Pricing your home is not as easy as checking Zillow

Home Valuation

"How do you determine what your house is worth?"

  • Pricing your home right
  • Factors to consider are size, condition, location, marketing, and negotiating
  • Underpricing and overpricing your home will cause you to lose money

Is Zillow Accurate?

"Should I use Zillow as an accurate evaluation of my home’s value?"

  • Zillow is an algorithm based on public data
  • Zillow has never seen the inside of your home and it’s a computer
  • Zillow comes up with the value based upon what your neighbors are selling for

What To Disclose?

  • This is vital to ensure that you are safe during and after the sale
  • Over-disclosure is better than under-disclosure

Receiving Offers

"How do you know if you should accept the offer you just got?"

  • What if you don't receive the amount of offers you were hoping for?
  • What happens if we have more than one offer?

Good Time To Sell?

"Are we heading into a recession and is now a good time to buy and sell?"

  • If you're fearful of selling due to a recession, you may want to think again
  • Remember, it's all relative


"How to negotiate like a master to make sure you get the most out of your home?"

  • How to get top dollar when selling
  • Walking away with the most amount of money in your pocket


"Should you get inspections done prior to listing my home?"

  • The advantages of having inspections done prior to listing
  • Saves you time and money

Curb Appeal

How to make a good first impression

  • How to get maximum exposure and top dollar
  • There are simple tricks that can save you money and maximize the return on your investment at the same time

Should I Take The First Offer?


  • The goal is for your home to be seen by the masses
  • Then, to get the highest and best price and terms for your home

What Are Contingencies?

"When a buyer has made an offer on a home and the seller has accepted it but the final sale is contingent on certain criteria being met."

  • This criteria, or contingencies, typically fall under four major categories: appraisal, loan approval, inspections and reports & disclosures

Contingency Timeframes

"Now we're in contract prior to contingencies being removed. Now we're in business."

  • The buyer now will secure their loan, have their inspections on the property, and review all of the reports and disclosures

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Meet Violeta

I help you throughout the entire selling & buying process

  let me introduce myself... 

Hi, I'm Violeta Marinova.

A Broker Associate with eXp Realty who has been serving the Metro Atlanta area since 2003 and currently is based in MIAMI Florida.

The "MIAMI by Vi" was inspired by my recent move from my Suburban Atlanta Home to a tiny Condo with an Amazing Biscayne Bay Views.

What People Are Saying

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"Violet is an experienced real estate professional and understands how to get a deal closed."

- Marianne Shaver, Attorney at Law at Meredith Shearer & Associates

"She was with us every step of the process."

"From helping us determine the price, staging and preparing our home for the market to getting constant feedback being there for us every step in the process. With careful positioning and marketing our home, we were able to get it under contract in 5 days. Violeta is an outstanding professional with high work ethics and lots of experience."

Mariya & Kosta Y.

Norcross, GA


"She went above & beyond numerous times."

"Violeta is well-versed real estate professional. She has great industry knowledge and connections which made our home-buying process smooth and easier than anticipated. Violeta is dedicated, reliable and very responsive. She went above & beyond many time throughout the process. We highly recommend her to our friends and family."

 Maya & Slav V.

Brockhaven, GA


"She made the process as easy as could possibly be."

"Violet listed our house and negotiated 15 % over asking price contract in 3 days after. She made sure the process was complete and successful till the end. I really liked working with here. She has a can do attitude and she is a pleasant and cheerful person I recommend her to anyone looking for a property to sell, buy or invest. Great job! Thank you!

Diana Henderson

Duluth, GA